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The very sweet Miss Misty has had a beautiful litter of "7" babies! born on 26th November 2018

They have all been allocated to their forever families............ Misty has given us the perfect litter for her waiting families, so clever everybody has their 1st choice (amazing) she has 5 gorgeous boys - 2 black, 2 chocolate and 1 cream/caramel and 2 sweet girls 1 chocolate and one cream/caramel, all doing very well and Misty is being her usual beautiful attentive mummy.

Misty_&_babies_26.11.2018 1st pictures  7_gorgeous_babies 1 day old 


Our beautiful Miss Aubrey had the sweetest litter of "9" babies! born on 5th October 2018

They have all been placed with their forever families............ This is Miss Aubrey's last litter and we thank her for all the beautiful babies she has given us to share with some wonderful famlies, as she passes the batten to her daughter the very pretty Miss Harlequin, "Harlee" will be living with us as she does her growing and awaits her health testing before she joins our yummy mummy team. Enjoy the sunshine Miss Aubrey you can now live the life of a pampered princess you deserve it........... 

Black_boy_5.5_weeksjpg Raresilver Illusion  Blue_boy_3.5_weeks Blue_boy_5_weeks Stanley
 Brown_boy_3.5_weeks Brown_boy_5.5wks Hagrid  Green_boy_3.5_weeks Green_boy_5wks Rufus

 Orange_girl_3.5_weeks Orange_girl_5_weeks Millie Purple_girl_3.5_weeks Purple_girl_5wks Lottie 
Red_girl_5_weeks Lexie Yellow_girl_3.5_weeks Yellow_girl_5_weeks Chloe
 Grey_girl_3.5_weeks Grey_girl_5_week & the beautiful Raresilver Harlequin (Miss Harlee)

Our breeding plans for the next 6 months are as follows hopefully all will fall into place!

 Planned Litters for October 2018 - March 2019: ***Please note all our plans are subject to the whims of Mother Nature, & she does love to throw the odd curve ball!***



Our sweet Cara is on a 12 month break and will not be having puppies until March 2019 this is most likely Miss Cara’s last litter and then we will have to wait for her daughter Miss Honey to grow up and have her health testing before we have any more mini’s.
Adorable_Cara Miss Caramello Cara's_babies_22.3.18 * Cara's babies from a previous litter         Miss_Honey Sneak peak the gorgeous "Miss Honey"

Medium litters

 Gorgeous Miss Toffee
Toffee is on a 12 month break and will not be having puppies until March 2019


Raresilver_Toffee Miss Toffee 9_beautiful_chocolate_babies Blue_boy_1 Mr_Black Mr_Blue_6_wks **Puppies from her previous litter

Standard litter

Stunning girl “Eliana”

Eliana is our very pretty “caramel girl” we are very excited for her to join our “Yummy Mummy Team”. Eliana is our Miss Sunny & Mr Shiro’s daughter she has been very tricky to catch in season, and last try she did not get pregnant so we have our fingers crossed as we await the results of another attempt, we shall find out if she is pregnant around Christmas (fingers crossed) **Applications are on hold for this litter until we know she is pregnant.


 Gorgeous_Eliana Miss Eliana 



We may have puppies available in our Family Care Guardian Puppy Program, applications are assessed on an individual basis & take into account suitability, distance, environment our future breeding program along with other factors. If you are interested in knowing more about our stunning family care guardianship puppies (our future mommies & daddy’s) please ask.

Adopting a Rare Silver Labradoodle
   Red1      Pink1   Cassie   Beautiful_11_wks

Labradoodles are a wonderful breed for all the obvious reasons i.e. Low to no shed coat, allergy friendly, very smart & lovable, but they are so much more they become a very special member of the family always wanting to be right where you are and if possible on your lap! or at least with some part of their body touching yours, they will go for a run if you want them too but are just as happy laying in the sunshine.

Rare Silver Companion Puppies come with a two year Health Guarantee for heredity ailments, (we do screen and health test our breeding dogs), They are vet checked, microchiped, wormed & de-sexed , we provide a puppy information and care pack, a lifetime support & re-homing service and the litter will be registered with ALA prior to 12 weeks of age.

"Your new Puppy" an exciting time to say the least! owning a dog from puppyhood can be an amazing journey and I can promise you that whatever love, time and discipline you put into your new Labradoodle puppy will be returned to you a thousand fold.

To find out more about Rare Silver Labradoodles, our latest litters & puppy availability, please send us an email or give us a call we would be happy to answer any of your questions. Don't forget to have a look at our gorgeous babies in our photo album.



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